Clipify: New Do-It-Yourself Video Marketing Tools That Help You Build Authentic Relationships

Hey Friends,

I'm SUPER excited to announce the launch of my new product, Clipify! The ultimate do-it-yourself video marketing toolbox that anyone can use on any device.

You can learn more and grab a free trial at!

I've been working on Clipify for the better part of this year. Here's why.

Last year, our world abruptly shifted to a digital-first lifestyle that stopped face to face interactions indefinitely, and for many, caused business to grind to a halt. I was no exception.

Mid-pandemic, in debt, on the brink of losing everything, wondering how I'll tell my staff and clients that our doors are closing, and contemplating crashing in dad’s basement for a while, I was as miserable as everyone else...

...until I finally turned off the news and made the decision to be optimistic and innovative.

I realized that in order stay relevant in a Covid-19 marketplace, I needed to create and capitalize on methods for entrepreneurs, sales teams, and professionals to create their own video marketing content, as well as our ability to create video content remotely.

My “selfie video for business” course and our done-for-you Contactless Commercials were popular...but I was seeking something more than that.

After partnering with some amazing players in the video space and a rock solid development team, I discovered an opportunity to launch a platform that would make DIY video marketing extremely easy...and here we are. 🙌

Clipify offers several powerful web-based video tools in one:

1. Send unlimited video email messages. Video emails get opened and replied to more than any text-based email, which allows you to build relationships and close deals faster. Customize your video emails with your business logo and a call-to-action button, and enjoy realtime notifications of when they’re watched and opened.

2. Create unlimited social media marketing videos. Simply record a short video on your phone or computer through Clipify, and your logo, music, and contact info will automatically be added. You can download and share the finished video anywhere.

3. Collect unlimited video testimonials, which are a powerful trust builder for your prospects. Simply share your Clipify testimonial page with your customers, and you’ll be notified as soon as they record and submit a testimonial.

These are just a few of the features currently available, with even more on the way.

Video is a powerful marketing strategy that anyone with a smartphone or computer can tap into...and Clipify is designed to make it easy.

If you want to check it out, grab your free two week trial at!

Thank you for your support, friends!!!

Maxwell Bentley

Chief Storyteller, Bentley Media

Founder, Clipify

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